Crackpot idea and buy my products!

2 04 2010

So, I had a peculiar idea, my town is fairly small but stupidly populated. It’s like a halfway house for Mexican immigrants. Anyway, the kids nowadays really have no real hangouts to go to in the town other than the boardwalk and that is only good for the summer months. Even when I was a teenager we had a coffee house and a bowling alley. Both of these places are gone and replaced with more stores. I really want to try to set up something like a fundraiser to buy a storefront that has a few arcade machines, places to sit and just a general hangout spot. Problem is, I have no real money so like I stated, I think a few fundraisers should be in order to bring this to the fold.

The kids here are slowly turning into delinquents because of the older people bitching about too much noise where kids hang out. This leads to problems because then the kids get bored and restless and turn to drugs, drinking and general small disorganized mayhem. And then the citizens bitch even MORE about it. It’s a lose-lose situation for the kids in the town. I want to change all that. For starters, buy some shit at my Zazzle store. I am adding more random products as the days go on. But anything that can help to go to this idea will be awesome. I make a cut of what Zazzle sells the products for and it will all go to my crack pot idea. Even if you buy a 3 dollar keychain, it would be awesome.

It’s not much right now but the color scheme of the store sure is purty.

Check it out and buy something. Do it for the kids! Like Ol’ Dirty said, “Wu-Tang is for the children!”




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