Don’t look for anything humorous here

29 12 2010

You’re not gonna find it in this one. Not that this will be a dour post, oh no. Just not the sort of comical hilarity I am known to type out.

Okay, done blowing myself there.


Anyway, enough of that. The Christmas season is over, people are somewhat happy, absurd amounts of snow is fucking up the daily routine of life and I am in some debt. I hate the holidays. Not so much the money issue. Money comes and goes. No need to become a fiend about it. I just hate the holidays in general. All that happens is unneeded stress and aggravation. Usually the end result is decent but for the most part, the events leading up to it is a hideous bitch goddess named Maria. Just constant jerk arounds that try to throw things off course. Like money issues and such.

Even as a kid I wasn’t a terribly huge fan of the holidays. I guess I’m a weird lil fucker.  Even my birthday I’m not a fan of to be honest. I’m also one of the worst people to buy gifts for. Not so much that I’m ungrateful or anything, I just never garner the reaction people would expect. I have a very laid back attitude towards it. Like, “Oh I got a car? Thanks man.” I don’t do the, “ZOMG! WTF? BBQ! BBW! NWO! LULZ!” reaction. Just not in my nature, I reckon. Not entirely sure why, but it just was never my thing. Last time I was seen to have been bouncing off the walls excited was when I got a Sega CD for Christmas.


There really is no point to this post. I just felt like I neglected it like some kind of baby momma situation out of Maury. But I willingly know I am the daddy of this baby. And I been neglecting it for far too long.




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